Name: Elizabeth Bartley Carmilla

Age: UNKNOWN                     
Height: 5'6"                 Hair: Red
Weight: UNKNOWN   Eyes: Black / Red

Race: Vampire
Weapons of Choice: Destructive Magic; Assorted Guardian Spirits; Powerful Psychic abilities
    600 years ago a self-proclaimed queen of the darkness appeared and attempted to overthrow and destroy all species of Quaglemire. Her demented dreams almost came true, but a group of warriors lead by a demon knight named Nocturne stopped her dark path.

    Now in the present, rumors are circulating of her return, and many concerns of what she might be planning to do.

    The one puzzling aspect is: who is this woman? Surely it cannot be the Real Carmilla, her death occured 600 years ago. It can't be her.... or can it?

    Despite this question, everyone who has dealt with her in the past knows never to underestimate her. She is deadly with her powerful magic abilities, and can summon forth terrible spiritual warriors from the realm of the dead to do her dirty work for her. Along with devastating mental abilites using illusion and psychic manipulation to confuse and lure her opponents into traps.

     Overall, if it is at all possible avoiding her is preferable over a fight.